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Here are the up and coming gigs we have booked :


Date Time Venue Details
5th February 2008 8.00pm Havana Bar, Little London, Chichester As part of Tongues and Strings, Matt and Johanna will be performing.


Here are some quick reviews of the gigs we have played so far :


Date Time Venue Details
15th September 2007 8.30pm Hobbs Farm Music Festival, Yapton. A fantastic gig, playing to a packed barn. The atmosphere was great and, as always, we partied hard. You just can't beat Hobbs Farm
5th February 2007 7.30pm Havana, Little London, Chichester As part of Tongues and Strings. News songs from the next album will be show cased.
7th October 2006 8.30pm The Four Chesnuts, Chichester As always a cracker.
5th October 2006 7.00pm Bishops Rooms, above the crypt, South Street, Chichester A Tongues and Strings gig to celebrate national poetry day, road testing new material as well.
10th September 2006 From 12.00pm Hobbs Farm Music Festival, Yapton. Back again at Hobbs, it was fantastic last year and hopefully this year will be just as good. Make sure you go along for the whole weekend as the saturday night, after the bands have finished, everyone gathers around the campfires and has a ceilidh. The beer and the music flows.
8th July 2006 from 8.30pm Dibden Manor Folk Festival, Hampshire Playing at a new festival with our friends Red Campion.
1st July 2006 8.00pm The Four Chesnuts, Bognor Road Chichester England lost the football, but we managed to try and cheer everyone up with stories of Pete and Right Said Fred.
9th June 2006 from 8.30pm The Junction, Bognor Regis Another gig at this pub, the last gig was great fun - I hope this will be as good.
23rd March 2006 from 8.00pm Drift Bar, Southsea, Portsmouth TBC
28th February 2006 8.30pm Edge of the Wedge, Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth Another, another Reel Sounds Acoustic night gig. Not to be missed.
27th January 2006 from 8.30pm The Junction, Bognor Regis A fun night out. Thanks alot to Chris the landlord for playing drums for us ! We hope to be back here soon.
24th January 2006 8.30pm Edge of the Wedge, Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth Alot of fun ! We played with someone whos name I did not catch and the fantastic Streebeck who is not too be missed live, I love this venue its sooooo laid back. Cheers all you guys who popped along to see us,

16th January 2006 from 8.00pm The Joogleberry Playhouse Brighton. Playied with the fantastic Sandweaver again at this beautiful venue in Brighton.

It was a perfect night, nice crowd and very laid back. Matt, Johnny and Tom, from Sandweaver, provided some excellent tunes as usual. I hope we will be back here at some point.
29th November 2005 8.30pm The Toad at the Press, Chapel Road, Worthing, West Sussex A great night - saw alot of people from the "old days". Sandweaver were fantastic as usual - they are the one band I wish I was in !
18th November 2005 from 8.00pm The Eastgate Pub, The Hornet, Chichester Fantastic evening - lovely wine as well (and the cheese was pretty good - even from the band, ho ho David ;)).

Looking forward to playing here again.
1st November 2005 From 8.00pm Edge of the Wedge, Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth An excellent night. Matt's lost his voice so Johanna handled all of the vocal duties, which meant we did an unusual set of origonal songs and covers. Great venue and we are looking forward to coming back in January and Feb 2006.
29th October 2005 8.30pm The Four Chesnuts, Chichester Another good one at the nuts - thanks to the Rugby club dressed as fairies, it adds variety to our lives ;)
10th September 2005 9.00pm Hobbs Farm Music Festival, Yapton. What a fantastic night, great fun gig, always a favourite. Hello to all you guys who came to see us, it was good to see you and also hello to all you new guys who bought CD's.
Myself and Pete were up till 3am around the fire jamming with the fantastic Juliet Bell on her fiddle. We also heard that 4sight raised over 8,000 which is amazing ! Well done and roll on next year.
25th October 2005 8.30pm The Toad at the Press, Chapel Road, Worthing, West Sussex
30th July 2005 8.00pm The Four Chesnuts, Chichester You can't beat the 'nuts for a gig. We had a great night, played at lot of different stuff. It was nice to see some new faces as well. Looking forward to coming back here later in the year.
29th July 2005 from 8.00pm The Railway Inn, Railway Inn, 1 Forton Road, Gosport, 01705 587859 A really good night out, it was quiet, but it gradually filled up, we even had some people dancing.

We are coming back here in November.
13th July 2005 8.00pm Fratton Trades Club, Fratton First night for this venue, a quiet one, but the place has lots of potential. We played an all electric set which was alot of fun.

12th July 2005 8pm till 11pm Gleneagles, Butt Ash Lane, Hythe, Southampton, Map. Part of the Summerside Arts Festival we played an acoustic set with the excellent Red
Campion. A really good night as we got to play alfresco which is great on these hot summer nights.
We hope to get back to the Gleneagles soon. Our set list included alot of tracks from Exhale and some new songs that we are road testing for the next album.
7th July 2005 8.00pm The Cave, St Pancras, Chichester The place was busy and buzzing, it has been the first gig in my home town that I have enjoyed for a long time. Sandweaver were excellent, and it was good to see Tom in the band (bass). Then Hudson 10 came on and were fantastic - they even got Pete up playing tambourine, which I have never seen before !

We had a lot of fun and played a mixture of old and new songs, I was enjoying my gretch so much I did'nt bother reaching for the acoustic, maybe next time.
30th June 2005 7.30pm The sidewalk club, Gosport, Portsmouth We were in the final of the Gosport Battle of the Bands.
Generally a great crowd, nice people but absolutely shocking on stage sound, using PA speakers as monitors is not the way to go. We saw some great acts - I loved one life left and the last exit, and in so far were excellent as well and deserved the win.
23rd June 2005 8.00pm The sidewalk club, Gosport, Portsmouth 107.4 The Quay FM hosted this night and we are now through to the final, blimey !
2nd June 2005 7.30pm The sidewalk club, Gosport, Portsmouth 107.4 The Quay FM hosted this night and we got through to the semi finals.
30th May 2005 7.30pm Happy Monday Club, Portsmouth rail & social club, Selbourne Terrace, 40 meters from Fratton Station First time for us playing at this venue, but we are looking forward to it as we always have a good time playing in Portsmouth - there seems to be a hunger for music there !
26th May 2005 8.00pm The Barn, The Milton Arms, Milton Road, Portsmouth As part of Thursday music we are back again. We had a cracking time here in february and are very pleased to be asked back.
28th April 2005 7.30pm Holts Coffee Bar, University College Chichester Launch of the Tongues and Strings book and CD Dreaming Beasts.

Sorry about the dreadful PA it really sucked. It wasn't the right night for live music, we ended up wandering around singing and playing, but I suddenly felt like an after dinner entertainer at a 1970's Berni Inn. Anyway at least we sold some CD's ;)

For those who could hear what we were doing, the set list was :

Like a Stone
Snow Angels
Patience of Angels
Early One Morning

16th April 2005 8.00pm The Folk House, 40a Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5JG Tel: 01179 262987. Map We played as part of Decode Unplugged with Whalebone Polly(who were beautiful), Elliot Hall (great lyrics) and Incured(who were great and at such a young age as well).

We played an acoustic set, which we always love doing as it is our roots. Set list was :
Snow Angels
Like a Stone
Nothings Safe
Dirt Grey Sky

Big thanks to Theo Berry for organising, Richard the soundman and Steve from the Folk House.
9th April 2005 8.30pm The Four Chesnuts, Chichester. Excellent night, we really enjoyed ourselves, Matt was playing with his new guitar toy, so we are sorry for the strange noises !

We are looking forward to coming back here soon.
3rd April 2005 7pm-8pm Live on the BBC We are did a live session on BBC Southern Counties and BBC Radio Solent. This was part of BBC South Live. We played Drown, Snow Angels and a new song called Dirt Grey Sky. It was an excellent experience - thanks alot Phil !
18th March 2005 From 8.00pm University College Chichester, Students Union Very good night, great dancing from you guys at the front ! Congratulations to all the winners and commiserations to the losers in the SU election.
24th February 2005 8.00pm The Barn, The Milton Arms, Milton Road, Portsmouth As part of Thursday music we are had a cracking gig. A fantastic atmosphere as well.

We played alot of songs from Exhale and a couple of new ones (Like a Stone and Dirt Grey Sky). At the end we threw in afew covers Fell in Love with a boy, Early One Morning and Fire. We finished up playing Sail away in the wrong key, but we managed to cunningly change key without anyone noticing. Honest !

Looking forward to coming back in May.
21st Febuary 2005 8.00pm The Cave, St Pancras, Chichester. An excellent night playing with Bristol Lo-Fi mechants Cajita and the excellent Rose Kemp as part of their UK tour.
Typically enough it was snowing which kept people away but despite a horrible cold Rose Kemp performed an excellent set, reminded me very much of Jeff Buckley in style, she has an amazing voice and is well worth checking out.
Cajita were also excellent, a really interesting mix of sounds and influences I would recommend catching them on the rest of their tour.
We played from about 10pm and played alot of tracks from Exhale, but we finished up with a brand new one called Dirt Gray Sky, this was the first time we have played it but we are happy with how it is shaping up.
30 th January 2005 7.30pm The Florence Arms, Florence Road, Southsea, Portsmouth. Good fun night, its a fun venue, it still reminds me of Amsterdam, and I am not quite sure why.

Lots of interesting music and verse on offer, I am looking forward to our next invite ;)
31st December 2004 9.00pm Red Lion, Ashington, West Sussex. Top night as always - managed to finish the second set at 10 seconds to midnight (such timing), then we danced away till 4.00am.
3rd December 2004 8.30pm The Student Union Building, Zee Bar, Bishop Otter Campus, University College Chichester. Played with Brighton band Turncoat, a last minute gig, but always a pleasure to play at Zee Bar as it is an excellent venue.
19th November 2004 7.30pm UCC Chapel, College Lane, Chichester, PO19 7HZ This was a charity gig for Children in Need and we were supporting Steve Brunton. It was a well attended night despite being very cold. We played for about an hour mostly stuff from Exhale with afew covers thrown in including a reworking of a tradition English folk song. Thanks to everyone who came down, we shall have to do it again sometime.
31st October 2004 7.30pm The Florence Arms, Florence Road, Southsea, Portsmouth. A fun night, the venue reminded me of an Amsterdam style cafe, if only the lights were a little dimmer and the atmosphere abit more, ahem, smokey. We ended up playing three songs, Like a Stone, Nashville and Birds and Ships. I enjoyed listening to all the other artists, a good night out.
21st October 2004 7.30pm The Vestry, 23 Southgate, Chichester Good fun night, we really could have done with a PA though as the pub was quite noisy, I have never been upstaged by a capacino machine before. Thanks alot to everyone who came along and bought albums our set list was : Mexico, Decay, Birds and Ships, Like a Stone, for the first half then for the second : Nashville, Turning Cirlces, Smoke, Weather with you.
30th September 2004 8.30pm The Student Union Building, Bishop Otter Campus, University College Chichester. We supported Daniel Rachel who played an excellent set. We split ours into to halves playing alot of tracks from the album and a couple of our favourite covers, great atmosphere - thanks alot to everyone who came down. The competition to describe the band was a hoot - we shall read the entries and let you know who won in about a weeks time.
18th September 2004 5.00pm Hobbs Farm, Yapton, Part of the Annual Music Festival. Great fun, plenty of real ale around and lots of people drinking cider, in true festival style. Also in true British festival style, it rained. And we had a powercut two songs before the end. Still Johanna and Matt bravely (stupidly ?!) grabbed acoustic guitars and stepped off the stage to entertain everyone unplugged. A great day out.
27th August 2004 8.00pm Talking Heads, 320 Portswood Road, Portswood, Southampton, SO17 2TD, The lovely people at Talking Heads have invited us back. It was a great gig - we were supported by excellent local band Sair. Once again it was lashing down with rain when we arrived in Southampton, either it always rains there or we bring it with us. Hmm. Anyhow we had a great gig, and enjoyed ourselves. It has to be one of my favourite venues to play.
14th August 2004 9.00pm White Horse Inn Maplehurst Fantastic gig. Fair to say the best this year. The guys were really up for it and the venue was packed. We ended up playing till the witching hour and you guys were still up for it. Congrats for the 18th, 21st and 40th birthdays and the 22nd wedding aniversary. What a night.
1st August 2004 8.00pm Woodies Wine Bar & Brasserie 10-13 St Pancras, Chichester, West Sussex Another fine night in woodies - we have never had a bad night here, we decided to play right through and did a 2 hours set, but we were up for more at the end, its a shame bars close at 10.30pm on a Sunday. Thanks to everyone who came down - it was great to see so many friendly faces.
26th June 2004 6.30pm-11pm Rowland Rank Centre, Aldwick Road, Bognor Regis Cancelled at the last minute. Doah.
23rd June 2004 7.00pm Talking Heads, 320 Portswood Road, Portswood, Southampton, SO17 2TD, A good night, lots of varied and interesting music to listen to, if a little chaotic ! The venue was excellent, great stage and great sound. We played for about half an hour the set list looks like this:

Like a Stone
Fell in love with a boy
5th June 2004 9.00pm The Red Lion, Ashington, West Sussex Its impossible to have a bad night at this venue. The crowd are always up for it, the bar is always busy and Carl is always willing to throw in a monster drum solo at the end of our set. This night was not exception. You got 2 hours of us as well, you lucky people ;)
14th May 2004 9.00pm The Chichester Pub, West Street, Chichester Plagued by PA problems from the start we valiantly fought our way through this gig. The landlord and landlady were lovely. The bar staff need to get attitude adjustment.
18th March 2004 from 8.00pm University College Chichester Students Union Bar Bishop Otter Campus Good night - nice and loud. We were supported by the sublime Alex Roberts, if you live a cross between Nick Drake and Dave Matthews you will love this guy. I hope Pete will record his stuff soon.
We played for about 1 1/2 hr, a mixture of origionals with afew cheeky covers from Dylan, Hendrix and Van Morrison thrown in.
8th March 2004 8.00pm 3TO, Worthing, West Sussex We ended up opening the show which mean't all of you who turned up at 9.00pm to see us missed about 15 minutes of our set, massive apologies.

None for that we had a good night, great crowd and a good atmosphere. It was also a real treat to see Sandweaver - they were brilliant live, really reflecting the quality of their recording that Pete has done for them.

Anyway set list :

De-Cyphering The Code
Nothings Safe
Poison Wings
King Of Sunday Morning
Snow Angels
Like A Stone
14th February 2004 8.00pm Clerkenwell House, Hatton Wall, London, EC1 8NJ We had an amazing gig, great venue really cool people (and good food - cheers guys). Massive thanks to DSK Mark, Lindz and Martin did a great set - areal pleasure to listen to. We were playing acoustically and had a great night.
Set List :
Deciphering the code
Nothings Safe
King of Sunday Mornings
Like a stone
On the edge
Snow Angels
Weather with you (Crowded House cover for our Kiwi friends)
22nd January 2004 7.30pm The Cave, St Pancras, Chichester My God this venue is cold. The first half of the set was alot of fun, by the time we did the second half my fingers were so damn cold I could hardly play, you know its bad when the audience are putting thier coats on as they come in. Anyhow apart from the temperature we had a great night. I managed to snap a string 3/4 of the way through "like a stone", normally the tak stays in tune, not this time, it went dreadfully pear shaped and I had to finish the song pretty much acappella. Anyhow here is the set list :
* Decyphering the code
* Snow Angels
* Like a stone
* Nothings Safe
* Drown
* Thats alright
20th December 2003 9.00pm The Red Lion, Ashington, West Sussex Cracking night as always - Thanks to everyone who came from all over Sussex and down from London to see us. We had a great gig, and Carl even managed to throw in a drum solo at the end of Fire. We are already looking forward to the next Red Lion gig.

12th December 2003 8.30pm The Cave, St Pancras, Chichester A great night out, nice to see a good bunch of people there as well. We had alot of fun and played alot of tracks from our new album, it was just a shame that it was raining so much outside !
1st December 2003 7.30pm The Cave, St Pancras, Chichester As part of Tongues and Strings. We felt that we played a blinder - we had a really good time, despite a whole host of problems meaning a late sound check in front of the audience which I hate doing. The new song "Like a stone" was very well recieved.
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