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What are we reading and listening to at the moment.


This week Matt has mostly listening to :

Music :


  • Whalebone Polly - Three lovely ladies playing a kind of alternative blue grass, we played with them in Bristol and they are great.
  • Britonica - Another excellent band, got a chance to see them live at Hobbs Farm last year and they were really, really good. Their new album, dead lizard removal is well worth a listen - check em out.
  • Justin King - OMG. I love the internet. It throws up all sorts of stuff. I stumbled across this via the lovely ants who pointed me in the right direction. Justin King is just plain awesome. I have never heard anyone play an acoustic guitar quite like this.
  • Kate Rusby - I had the great pleasure of seeing her live at Chichester Festival Theatre and she was amazing, fantastic band as well.
  • Peter Moon Band - Love this guy, the album clips sound really really really good, make sure that you have a listen and leave a message on his forum.
  • Sandweaver - Superb, they remind me alot of the counting crows who I love.
  • Idiot Kings - Pete recorded these guys a while ago and thier songs stay in your head, great songwriting, like a UK version of the Chilli Peppers, but with better vocals.
  • Damien Rice - O - Fantastic acoustic based album lots of passion and emotion, well worth a listen.
  • Jewel - Spirit - An older album from the fab Jewel but its a real - ahem - gem !
  • David Mead - Mine and Yours. Cracking album, sing-a-longtastic.
  • Delirious - Audio Lessonover. Great band massive in the US- often bashed in the press for being Christians who play guitar, really they are guitarists who also happen to be Christians. If you like U2 you'll love these guys and they are local - from Littlehampton. Yay.
  • Gotan Project. "La Revancha Del Tango" Phat beats meets traditional french music. An absolute belter.
  • Feeder - Comfort in Sound. Superb - Pearl Jam meets Foo Fighters in a moody, rocky album.
  • Tragically Hip - Live Between Us. Live album from Detroit. I discovered this band in Canada, they play a rocky REM style of music.

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